SwissConverter 1.7!

Alright! Another great update has been released (AKA: Beach Update)! More converter sets, units and categories! We now have 5 converter sets, 49 categories and 755 units!!! Brings a big total, maybe a bit overwhelming, but no worries! You can always filter your favorites, remove converter sets and make the app the way you want it to work.

– [Added] New ConverterSet : Fluid Converters
– [Added] New ConverterSet : Light Converters
– [Added] 16 Categories
– [Added] 163 Units
– [Added] Rating button.
– [Improved] code within the app.
– [Fixed] Standard > Fuel Conversions

I will be updating the application page with details in the converter sets and its categories. This is well overdue but with so many things going on it is not in the top priority list.

Thank you all for the great support and feedback I have been getting. Don’t forget you can always send me an email directly. Cheers!!


FontFamily is out!

While working on new and exciting apps (as well as improving the existing ones), I came across the need to see and review system fonts for the iOS. With this I decided to create this little tool and have it available to all – free of charge. It is a simple library for referencing only, but I see great potential for it further down the line.

I hope you all enjoy using it as I have been.

Check it out!


SwissConverter 1.6 Update!

Hello everybody! I have been working quite a lot to get this update up and running. It took me a while longer than I wished, however, it is with great satisfaction that I have finally finished! Update 1.6 comes with a lot of new features, so lets get to it:

  • [Added] Heat Converter Sets: included the units relevant to the converter set. With this package alone, I have added:
    • 10 Categories;
    • 102 Units;
    • Giving a total of 33 Categories and 592 Units in the app!
  • [Added] Settings Page: this has been the main focus of this update, give you the user more flexibility to select and choose the units and categories you wish to see.
  • [Added] Tips and Tricks page: a “tutorial” type page where it shows you how to use the app. As I progress on the app, I hope to add a lot of shortcuts and gesture driven actions to help in the overall usability of the app.
  • [Added] Converter Set Selection: this is just great! You get to choose which converter sets YOU wish to have installed in the app. Don’t need the Engineering Set there? Take it off. Later you think you need it? Install it back again. That simple.
  • [Added] Bulk Select you favourites: this is also a great feature! With so many units and categories, to hand pick every single one individually as a favourite is definitely cumbersome, so now you can bulk select/deselect them as you feel fit.
  • [Added] Coloured icons! Ok, not a big deal, but very pleasing on the eyes.
  • [Added] Feedback button: ok, this is very, very important to me. Now you don’t have to go to the website, or anywhere else to give me feedback. Just click the feedback button and “boom” you will be sending me a direct email to address whatever it is you have in mind.
  • [Improved] User interface: I have done some tweaks in the app to allow a more fluid experience for the user. Hope you all enjoy!

Wow!! Yeah, a lot of “stuff”! There is definitely more to come so keep tuned and hope you enjoy this update as much as I have enjoyed making it!

Thanks for the great support!

Introducing: Converter Sets!

With the release of update 1.4, I have now started the stage 2 development of SwissConverter! That is the use of “converter sets”. More advanced categories with specific requirements. This is a  major update and I hope you all will like it.

I have also improved some user experience (this is always good) and included some nice looking animations to the mix. Below some pictures of the new categories:


Com o lançamento da atualização 1.4, iniciamos a fase 2 do desenvolvimento do SwissConverter! Incluímos os “Converter Sets”. São categories de unidades mais específicas que as comum. Espero que todos gostem.

Claro que também melhorei o desempenho e experiência para usuário. Acima você pode ver fotos e link do aplicativo.

Welcome Update 1.3!!

Hello everyone! Well, update 1.3 has landed and I have to admit it is a relief. With this I have “ironed out” some of the UI and improved the overall user experience while using the app. I have also established the “core converters” a.k.a the “Standard Converters”.

Here are the details:

  • I have added 79 units. That brings the number up to 399 units in all.
  • Improved user experience: what I mean by this is that now the application runs more smoothly and polished. Basically some minor animations here and there, transitions between views.

With this stage 1 is finished and now I can focus on stage 2! What is this about stages you ask? Well, I am now going to include more categories and units, along with of course, ever improving your experience when using the application. So Stage 2 is adding the “Engineering Converters”, this will be density, acceleration, torque among many other categories, so stay tuned!


Olá Pessoal! Update 1.3 chegou e admito que estou muito aliviado. Com esse update eu consegui polir alguns itens do “UI” que estavam na minha lista, a experiência do usuário em geral e ainda finalizei os conversores fundamentais do meu aplicativo, chamados “Standard Converters”.

Os detalhes da atualização:

  • Adicionei 79 unidades levando o número total de unidades a 399!
  • Melhorei o uso do aplicativo. Com isso quero dizer que inclui algumas animações de transição

Com isso a primeira fase está terminada e agora posso me concentrar na fase 2! O que é isso sobre fases você me pergunta? Bem, agora vou incluir mais categorias e unidades, claro, sempre melhorando a sua experiência ao usar o aplicativo, mas a fase 2 é a inclusão dos conversores de engenharia ou “Engineering Converters”, que serão: densidade, aceleração, torque entre muitas outras categorias, portanto, fiquem atentos!

S.Converter Features: Filter Favourites

With so many units to view, it can become a bit overwhelming showing all of them at once. For that reason nothing like a filter to be able to see only the ones you are really interested in! Here comes the Favourite Filter! To select your favourites, just swipe on a unit/category click on the Star and that is it! Your favourite is active and you will see it once you filter.

To filter, just click on the star at the top right-hand side of the screen (in both category and unit view).



Update S.Converter 1.1 is OUT!

Hello to all! It is another great pleasure that I announce that update 1.1 of SwissConverter is out right now!! This is what it brings in:

  1. New Category: I have included the SI Prefixes (or Metric System) and all the units within. This is the centi, hexa, kilo, etc conversions. I have some in other units, like “Length” for convenience sake, but a compete category just for this is always a welcome.
  2. New Units: I have included a lot of new units for “Length”. In total there are now 287 units and 16 categories.
  3. Improved some UI: increased the “Favourite” button in each cell, changed the image for adding the unit/category to the “Favourite” list.
  4. Fixed Filtering Issue: there was an issue regarding the filtering of the favourites. Basically it was possible to get stuck and show no units at all. No worries! That was fixed.

I hope you all enjoy the updates!


S.Converter Feature: Birds-Eye View!

So what is a great feature of SwissConverter? I personally like the All-in-One view of the units! I select a unit, insert the number and bam! All units converted at the same time, so in case I also need the results in other units just by a glance!


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SwissConverter is LIVE!!

Hello to all!! It is a great pleasure to announce that SwissConverter has been approved and is now viewable in the App Store! So go and grab a copy right now!!!


I hope you all enjoy it as I have enjoyed making it. At the moment it is with a few features, but the roadmap is looking good and future updates and upgrade of course will be free! So you will have an ever-evolving app with new units and categories as I include them.

Also, if you wish for a specific unit or category to be added, feel free to make a request! Just head on to the contact page or send me an email to