Hello, my name is Tarcilio Dutra Neto. I am completely new to programming and decided to start this great “adventure” just about a year ago. With a lot of courses and social websites to learn the basics, I was finally able to produce SwissConverter. My very first application, albeit, not the most inspiring and innovative as one would wish, however it is the type of application I chose in order to learn and start developing software.

I actually have always thought about this since I first touched C++ (back in university) and always wished to learn more, and do more with it, however working and learning something as demanding as software development was beyond me at the time, until – you guessed it – about a year ago.

So I hope to keep learning in order to provide good, quality software to all the platforms available (really wished webOS was still around).

If you have any comments or questions feel free to send them to me, just send it through the contact page or send an email to tdsoftwarepage@outlook.com.