SwissConverter 1.7!

Alright! Another great update has been released (AKA: Beach Update)! More converter sets, units and categories! We now have 5 converter sets, 49 categories and 755 units!!! Brings a big total, maybe a bit overwhelming, but no worries! You can always filter your favorites, remove converter sets and make the app the way you want it to work.

– [Added] New ConverterSet : Fluid Converters
– [Added] New ConverterSet : Light Converters
– [Added] 16 Categories
– [Added] 163 Units
– [Added] Rating button.
– [Improved] code within the app.
– [Fixed] Standard > Fuel Conversions

I will be updating the application page with details in the converter sets and its categories. This is well overdue but with so many things going on it is not in the top priority list.

Thank you all for the great support and feedback I have been getting. Don’t forget you can always send me an email directly. Cheers!!


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