SwissConverter 1.6 Update!

Hello everybody! I have been working quite a lot to get this update up and running. It took me a while longer than I wished, however, it is with great satisfaction that I have finally finished! Update 1.6 comes with a lot of new features, so lets get to it:

  • [Added] Heat Converter Sets: included the units relevant to the converter set. With this package alone, I have added:
    • 10 Categories;
    • 102 Units;
    • Giving a total of 33 Categories and 592 Units in the app!
  • [Added] Settings Page: this has been the main focus of this update, give you the user more flexibility to select and choose the units and categories you wish to see.
  • [Added] Tips and Tricks page: a “tutorial” type page where it shows you how to use the app. As I progress on the app, I hope to add a lot of shortcuts and gesture driven actions to help in the overall usability of the app.
  • [Added] Converter Set Selection: this is just great! You get to choose which converter sets YOU wish to have installed in the app. Don’t need the Engineering Set there? Take it off. Later you think you need it? Install it back again. That simple.
  • [Added] Bulk Select you favourites: this is also a great feature! With so many units and categories, to hand pick every single one individually as a favourite is definitely cumbersome, so now you can bulk select/deselect them as you feel fit.
  • [Added] Coloured icons! Ok, not a big deal, but very pleasing on the eyes.
  • [Added] Feedback button: ok, this is very, very important to me. Now you don’t have to go to the website, or anywhere else to give me feedback. Just click the feedback button and “boom” you will be sending me a direct email to address whatever it is you have in mind.
  • [Improved] User interface: I have done some tweaks in the app to allow a more fluid experience for the user. Hope you all enjoy!

Wow!! Yeah, a lot of “stuff”! There is definitely more to come so keep tuned and hope you enjoy this update as much as I have enjoyed making it!

Thanks for the great support!


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