Update S.Converter 1.1 is OUT!

Hello to all! It is another great pleasure that I announce that update 1.1 of SwissConverter is out right now!! This is what it brings in:

  1. New Category: I have included the SI Prefixes (or Metric System) and all the units within. This is the centi, hexa, kilo, etc conversions. I have some in other units, like “Length” for convenience sake, but a compete category just for this is always a welcome.
  2. New Units: I have included a lot of new units for “Length”. In total there are now 287 units and 16 categories.
  3. Improved some UI: increased the “Favourite” button in each cell, changed the image for adding the unit/category to the “Favourite” list.
  4. Fixed Filtering Issue: there was an issue regarding the filtering of the favourites. Basically it was possible to get stuck and show no units at all. No worries! That was fixed.

I hope you all enjoy the updates!



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